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Guide to refurbished phones

25/01/2022 - Insurance guides

Refurbished phones are devices which may have been previously owned by another individual but have gone through checks to ensure that they are functional and in a re-sellable condition. They are becoming increasingly popular as more and more trustworthy retailers and manufacturers are offering them to their customers.

Phones that come from a refurbished stock may have been: 

You may have heard a lot of negativity surrounding refurbished phones, but don’t let the word “refurbished” bother you about the phone’s quality, functionality and appearance.

Some people might regard them as a bad choice due to them having re-entered the market after being used, damaged or after being found to be faulty. However, by giving refurbished gadgets a try, you might be surprised to discover that they perform just as well as their brand-new versions.

No matter how you might perceive refurbished phones, getting to know how they are inspected before being resold may help change your mind.

Why buy a refurbished phone

Buying a refurbished phone is an effective way to avoid the full cost of upgrading. Refurbished phones are also a good choice when:

Second-hand Phones

Everyone knows that buying second-hand is an option when shopping around for a new handset – especially if your budget doesn’t stretch to getting a brand new one. Just like refurbished phones, second-hand phones have been used before by another user.

However, there are certain key differences between them and refurbished phones which you’d need to consider, particularly if you’re thinking about insuring your device.

The biggest difference is that refurbished phones can be bought from either the manufacturer or a well-known retailer, whereas secondhand phones are sold directly by the current user. Here’s a few reasons why that’s important:

Refurbished phone grades and their meanings

Grades are the quality classifications for refurbished phones. They are used to refer to their overall condition and to help customers get an idea of what to expect when buying them.

They are also useful for understanding the degree of wear and tear they might have. Here’s a quick summary of what grades there are and what they mean:

Grade A: Like new or similar with almost no visible wear

Grade B: Minor visible wear

Grade C: Heavily used with the most noticeable amount of wear

Some mobile phone sellers may use different grading systems or definitions to describe the condition of refurbished phones. It is important to still check with each of them separately before purchasing.

Do refurbished phones come with deteriorated batteries?

Every phone bought from a reputable seller should have undergone rigorous quality checks and tests before it is made available for sale. If during those checks the battery or any other part is discovered to be faulty, it would have been repaired or replaced prior to being resold.

If there are any significant defects which would affect the functionality and performance of the device, it is possible that the phone would not have made it back into the market.

Depending on the age of the phone you are planning to purchase, the battery may or may not have experienced deterioration. What you would need to consider however, is the following:

Are refurbished mobile phones safe to use?

The seller of refurbished phones would have the responsibility to erase any leftover data that would be stored on the phone by the previous owner in accordance with the GDPR rules and regulations.

Refurbished smartphones would also then need to be factory reset to uninstall any downloaded apps and their data.

As long as the data deletion process is completed, refurbished phones are safe and ready to be used again by their new owners.

Do refurbished phones come with a warranty?

Newly purchased gadgets, new or refurbished, from well-established and reputable retailers would normally come with a warranty.

A warranty is there to protect your consumer rights in case the products start to underperform within a short time after you purchase it.

The duration of the warranty for refurbished phones is usually 12 months if the phone is bought from manufacturers or from some third-party retailers. However, if it was bought from third party sellers on eBay or Amazon, warranty may not be available.

If you are looking to protect your refurbished phone, most insurers would need it to have come with a 12 month warranty in order to be eligible.

Are refurbished phones worth buying?

Insuring refurbished phones with Insurance2go 

You can insure your refurbished phone with Insurance2go to make sure it’s protected against accidental damage, breakdown, theft and loss. Here’s what the eligibility criteria would be for insuring it:

What are the disadvantages of refurbished phones?

Sometimes older phone models are just as good as newer ones. If you are after any older Samsungs such as the Galaxy Note 9, the Galaxy S8 or S9, you are more likely to find them refurbished than brand new. Find out more about our cover levels.  

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