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        • Protect your gadget from damage, breakdown, loss & theft
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Insurance for gadgets

What is gadget insurance?

Gadget insurance is a way of protecting your much-loved devices such as your laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Gadgets can be fairly expensive to fix and replace, so if you have one that you use every day and simply couldn’t live without, you may wish to consider insurance with cover options that can protect against accidental or malicious damage, loss and theft.

What does phone & gadget insurance cover?

In this video, we explain what is covered if you buy a gadget insurance policy. Depending on your policy this may include accidental damage, mechanical damage, loss or theft.

Do I need gadget insurance?

Gadget cover is an easy way of protecting you from the costs of repair or even worse replacing your device that may be lost or damaged.

Not all of us can afford to replace an item that is lost, broken or stolen as quickly as we would like, so gadget insurance is the perfect backup if anything does go wrong.


Providing protection against everyday mishaps

Can I insure a refurbished gadget?

A refurbished gadget is a device which may have been previously owned by another individual but have been thoroughly checked to ensure that they are functional and in a re-sellable condition.

However, if your gadget is second-hand because it's been passed down, or you bought an iPhone from a seller site, such as eBay. Then be sure to check if you can insure these, unfortunately we, like some other insurers, won't cover second-hand gadgets.

Laptop insurance

From Macbooks to Dell, Microsoft to Chromebooks and many more. We can help protect your laptop against accidental damage, theft and loss with our gadget insurance.

Most laptops come with an expensive price tag and if your beloved laptop was damaged, lost or stolen it could end up costing you more than you bargained for.

Gadget insurance can help keep costs down and help bring peace of mind should the worst happen, and since laptops are portable and are often seen travelling with us, our gadget cover can go as far as you.

Tablet Insurance

Some modern tablets aren't cheap and having gadget insurance can help keep costs down if your trusted tablet was damaged, lost or stolen. Our instant cover can help bring peace of mind and since tablets often travel with us, your cover can go as far as you.

From iPad, Samsung tablets and more we can help protect your tablet from accidental damage, theft and loss. Get instant cover for your gadget, unlimited claims and quality repairs and replacements service.

Mobile Phone Insurance

From Samsung to Google, Apple to Huawei, and all other brands in between. We can help protect your phone against accidental damage, theft and loss with our gadget insurance.

Mobile Phones go everywhere with us, so if you're a tech-y or simply love your phone, than phone insurance should be something to consider.

Not just for the clumsy, mobile phone insurance can provide peace of mind in the event that your phone gets lost, stolen or damaged. It’s also provides protection from the expense of replacing or repairing a mobile phone.

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