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What is gadget insurance?

30/05/2018 - Insurance guides

Whether your gadget has been lost or stolen or if you accidentally crack your screen or drop your device, this type of insurance will be there to cover you and provide a repair or replacement.


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Gadget insurance, as the name suggests, is insurance for gadgets - protecting your much-loved devices such as your laptop, smartphone or tablet, against cover options, such as, accidental or malicious damage, loss and theft.

Do I need gadget insurance?

Gadgets can be fairly expensive to fix and replace, so if you have one that you use every day and simply couldn’t live without, you may wish to consider insurance.

Whether you need gadget insurance or not depends on your individual circumstances, such as whether you can replace your gadgets yourself if they are lost or stolen, if your gadget is still under warranty and whether or not it’s covered elsewhere such as on your home insurance.

Not all of us can afford to replace an item that is lost, broken or stolen as quickly as we would like, so gadget insurance is the perfect backup if anything does go wrong.

How much gadget insurance do I need?

The amount of gadget insurance depends on the level of protection you would like, and your affordability. For example, are you accident prone and likely to drop your gadget a lot? If yes, it makes sense to have accidental damage on your policy.

If you’re not sure, you could benefit from a full policy gadget insurance policy. This could protect you against theft, loss, authorised payments and calls, as well as accidental damage such as cracked screens, malicious damage and liquid damage.

If you think you would only need to replace your phone if it’s lost or stolen, our standard insurance policy would suit your needs. Our standard policy covers theft, loss, unauthorised payments and calls, but does not include accidental, malicious or liquid damage.

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