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Keep your phone and gadgets safe this summer

26/07/2021 · Blog · Insurance2Go

Wherever you may be going during the summer holidays, make sure you look after your device, using some of our simple tips!

Whether you are Staycationing or Vacationing, keep your phone and gadgets safe this summer!

We all know the current climate of the world and because of this many more of us are eager to get away.

As restrictions start to ease make sure you look into what you need to do before you make any holiday plans. Such as, checking the current rules & guidelines, if needed, book any tests and always follow government guidelines and the local government guidelines of where you are heading to. Above all, stay safe.

Whether you are jet-setting or venturing closer to home this summer, Insurance2go (I2G) has got you covered this holiday season with our best value protection for mobile phone travel insurance.

With summer here make sure you look after your device, using some of our simple tips below.

Everywhere you go, always take your device with you!

Wherever possible, even whilst sunbathing (we’re always hopeful for some sun in the UK!) make sure you keep your phone with you:

On average, UK adults will lose two mobile phones in their lifetime. With 74% of the UK’s population owning a smartphone, that’s an estimated 98,324,688 handsets currently missing right now.

Remember; If you've lost your phone and you're certain it wasn't stolen, we recommend contacting the establishment you believe you left it in or retracing your steps. If you are unable to retrieve your mobile, then your next step will be to report it as lost to your network provider and ask them to block your number, so that if someone finds your phone they will not be able to use it.

If your device has been stolen, please contact your local Police station as you’ll need a crime reference number and keep this safe. Also you should notify your network provider that your device has been stolen, they can then block your device so that nobody else can use it, meaning you won't encounter any unwanted charges.

Does my travel insurance cover my phone on holiday?

Make sure you check before you depart to see if your travel insurance comes with mobile phone cover, some may not cover a smartphone, and some have single item limitations of around £500, bearing in mind most smartphones cost more than this, this may not be enough to cover the cost of your device, plus the cover may end when you return from holiday.

See below our comparison table to see how many devices a typical family may take when they go away, and the cost of these devices let’s call this hypothetical family the I2G family.

The family on holiday



Our Full Policy
Cost /Month


Google Pixel 4A 128gb




iPhone 11 128gb



Child #1

Samsung A71 128gb



Child #2

iPhone 8 128gb




iPad Air




Dell XPS 13



Total amount

6 Devices



Prices correct as of July 2021

The I2G family are about to embark on an adventure together! They’ve got their accommodation booked and packed ready to go, so the only task left is to check out travel insurance to make sure they are covered whilst away.

Whilst looking into their travel insurance, their son asks to take his laptop with them and the daughter wants to bring her iPad Air too, with these and knowing they will all be taking their phones with them, the I2G’s decide to look into what type of cover their travel insurance company can provide for them and any cover for their devices.

Travel insurance companies have limited single item cover. When it comes to devices, how much they are worth vs total limit of what is insured, is potentially not providing you with the right amount of cover. All the insurers we looked at would not provide you with enough cover for, in this instance, 6 devices with a total value of over £3K!

Checking what your travel insurance covers, comparing it with a separate mobile phone or gadget policy, would be a good idea. We all want peace of mind whilst we’re on holiday and knowing that your favourite devices are protected is a great way to help us all relax and enjoy our break. It's easy to get a quote.

Dry and out of the sun

Keep it cool!

Keeping your mobile under a bit of shade, by hiding your device in a bag can help keep your device safe, making sure the bag is under some shade can help keep cool whilst out in the sun, try not to overuse your device when out and about, simply clearing all unneeded applications can help reduce battery usage and may help prevent overheating and damage to your phone.

Just how water resistant is your phone?

Did you know that the cost to repair liquid damage can be upwards of £500**?

Although most new phones are water resistant, your phone was not built to swim (yet)! Some people take their phones into the swimming pool or the sea to take pictures thinking that they won’t get affected because they are water resistant, however, they are not as water resistant as you might think!

IP ratings and what they mean:
Each individual phone may have different limitations despite having the same IP rating so relying on these may not be enough and make sure you don't drop the phone in a pool of water!

What is an IP rating?
The international electrotechnical commission (IEC) has developed the ingress protection (IP) ratings, which classifies the degrees of protection provided against the intrusion of dust and water in electrical enclosures These ratings are widely used throughout industry.

Check out our table below on IP ratings and how long they will be water resistant for. Please note manufacturers have different lab test for this, do not solely rely on the IP rating and treat your phone and any other electrical equipment with due care, especially around water!

Apple iPhone 11


4 metres deep, for about 30 minutes

Apple iPhone 12


6 metres deep, for about 30 minutes

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max


6 metres deep, for about 30 minutes

Apple iPhone XR


1 metres deep, for about 30 minutes

Samsung S10


1.5 metres for about 30 minutes

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G


1.5 metres deep, for about 30 minutes

Samsung Galaxy S20 5G


1.5 metres deep, for about 30 minutes

Samsung Galaxy S21


1.5 metres deep, for about 30 minutes



What should you do if you get your phone wet?

When we get warm there is nothing quite like a cooling dip in the water, however we know the same can’t be said about your device! Take some simple steps to keep your phone dry, such as:

If an accident should happen, you could always try the rice trick, however we would like to suggest that you send your phone off for repair, to not cause more damage.

Covered by Insurance2go? Follow these simple steps below:

  1. If your device is showing any effects from the water damage in any way, you can make a claim here.* 
  2. Have your proof of purchase as it’s the first document that we will ask to receive. 
  3. Once your claim has been submitted, it will take up to 2 working days for it to be processed. You can also check your claim status using our online claims platform
  4. As soon as the assessment has been completed, an email will be sent to you to inform you about the outcome of your claim. If approved, you will be asked to pay your excess. 
  5. We'll then provide you with the address where you can send your phone in for repair.
    *Terms & Conditions apply, always check the policy terms.

Bumps, Scrapes & (heart wrenching) drops

Whilst we can help bring peace of mind when it comes to protecting your phone, there are some things you can do to keep your device safe, for example, purchasing a sturdy case and screen protector for your phone can help protect it against bumps and scrapes, alongside keeping your phone with you in a secure pocket or bag and try not to run when holding your phone!
When capturing those important memories to photos or videos, ensure you have two hands on your phone:
A) you're more likely to get a steady photo / video captured and B) you're less likely to drop it. (just make sure your fingers are out of the way before snapping that shot!)

How do I clean my phone & save my fond memories?

More than a third of Brits have admitted to never cleaning their smartphones and only 1 in 20 clean their phones every six months or less. A quick swipe on your clothes isn’t enough to really get rid of bacteria, take a look at some of our advice on how to keep your phone clean:

Remember, to regularly back up your phone too, so if the worst should happen, you have access to your applications and those important memories! Thankfully with our offering covering loss, theft and accidental damage, you are covered for the repair or replacement, provided your excess is paid, if something does happen.

With I2G Phone Travel Insurance*^, it doesn’t matter where you are when you need us. With instant cover and cover options for damage, breakdown, loss and theft, wherever you go in the world, our unlimited worldwide cover goes with you, so you can have peace of mind as you travel.

** This is based on other repairs on iPhones outside of Apple warranty
*^Please check the policy matches your requirements and needs.

Sources for IP Ratings:
ingress protection (IP) ratings

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